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The Social Responsibility Program originated two years ago with the sole purpose of the betterment of the society. The program was the first of its name to take such an initiative with respect to an international conference in Pakistan. Its success can be seen from last year’s performance where the team of SRP was able to provide first-hand training to underprivileged students, food drives, clothing drives and a yearly Christmas celebration for the blue collar workers of the university.

What we aim to do

NIMUN’19 aims to achieve four main goals this year in collaboration with the social responsibility program, these are as follows:


The flagship project of the SRP is providing quality training and platform for the underprivileged students in government schools. This training would provide them with the opportunity to further increase the value of their human capital through education and exercises, allowing them to become part of the conference itself.


At SRP we believe in the representation and inclusion of all members of the society. It is of utmost importance that their religious holidays are given equal status as those of the majority’s. Therefore, a yearly Christmas celebration takes place which includes the lower staff of the university, who might not be able to afford in celebrating themselves. This event helps them get together with their family and friends without having to worry about the cost. Moreover, NIMUN wishes to include children from the local orphanages for a night out at the carnival. This one event would provide them with the enrichment of joy in their lives, which every child deserves to feel.


Students are a part of a stressful ecosystem. SRP aims to hold a stress relief week event to commemorate mental illness, women empowerment and the need for extra curriculars.This week will consist of a movie night, gaming tournament, bake sale as well as a safe space event specifically held for the empowerment of women. Through this we aim to gather funds for our charitable causes.

Why our cause MATTERS

At NIMUN we believe that every individual has the purpose of giving back to the society and create prospects to further improve the surrounding. By investing in our cause, you will be able to create not only a well renowned brand image but also strengthen loyalty among your customer base. It would provide your company the chance to gain a unique selling point, helping in the increase of sales and attracting socially responsible investors to further grow your business. This investment would release positive externalities into an environment that is in dire need of it.  


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