NIMUN makes an impactful return for its eighth installment with one of the most important needs of the society as its tagline, “Embracing Differences”. The aim of this theme is to highlight the causes, extent and consequences of the different types of discriminations prevalent in the world, including racial, social, religious and sexual bigotry. The increasing need to foster inclusivity and advocate tolerance to sustain growth is the main motive behind the creation of this year’s theme.

The debate will be monumental in both its scale and effect. Focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations General Assembly in its 2030 vision, the committee topics will tackle a myriad of global issues such as establishing gender equality, uniting diplomatic powers, creating sustainable communities, diminishing racial and sectarian uproars, and creating an atmosphere of peace and justice; all the while not deviating from the fact that our beautiful planet needs more care now than ever before. 

We hope to welcome you come January, bedazzle you with our stunning social events, increase your knowledge regarding the pertinent issues we face on a global level, broaden your minds to come up with innovative solutions to solve the aforementioned problems, and develop an empathic feeling in you to care for others. Let’s face it, we can’t move ahead without embracing differences.


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