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History of NIMUN

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NIMUN '17 - Together Towards Tommorrow

Following the precedent of previous years, NIMUN’17 proved to be a resounding success. Focusing on addressing the most important issues of the world and offering the attendees with a learning experience of a lifetime, it delivered what it promised - all the while disseminating its central message “Together Towards Tomorrow”. Entrusted with the honour of hosting over 600 local and international delegates, NIMUN’17 delivered an opportunity to all to not only take part in intellectual debate but also offered unique social experiences in the form of magnificent recreational events, which set a perfect end for the entire conference.

NIMUN ’16 - Unity Beyond Borders

Embracing the theme “Unity Beyond Borders”, the conference delivered what it promised, coming back stronger than ever. The delegate count crossed 600 local participants and over 50 international delegates attending the conference from around the world, including countries such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Syria and Switzerland. If the heated debate didn’t define the high standards that NIMUN strives to achieve, the social events served as a cherry on top of the already magnificent event, with the melody of happiness echoing to the hearts.


The stage was set; the preparations were done. NIMUN was geared up for an event of even higher caliber, when tragedy struck the country in form of the December 16th attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar. Staying true to our ideology of nurturing unity and brotherhood, it was decided that the sorrow and heartache that spread in the society would be dealt with in a manner which would be in accordance with the national sentiment: NIMUN’15 was unplugged with the resolve of coming back bigger, better and stronger next time.

NIMUN ’14 - MUNited for a better tomorrow

NIMUN 2014 showed promising results with a count of over 700 delegates from all around the world, including participants from countries such as Nepal, China, Kenya, Vietnam, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Germany. With the theme “MUNited for a Better Tomorrow”, the emphasis to the execution was individual ownership – from the Organizing Committee to the faculty advisors, and inevitably the Secretariat itself, everyone worked for more than what they were required to, and took the initiative for ownership of the conference, which contributed the most to the success of the conference.

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About MUN

Model United Nations (abbreviation: Model UN, MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to instil a sense of diplomacy and dialogue among its participants, or delegates as they are referred to in the Model UN world. Model UN began as a series of student-led Model ‘League...

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The world today is at the precipice of complex environmental, political and social catastrophe and a need for effective resolutions has arisen. In keeping with the tradition of addressing the most important issues of today, the theme for NIMUN ’17 will emphasize “Together towards Tomorrow”, an initiative...

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