NUST International Model United Nations

19th – 22nd January, 2016

Three consecutive efforts, three amazing experiences.

After the evolution of NUMUN ’12 into NIMUN ’13, followed by the smashing success that was NIMUN ’14 the students of NUST have given their best to provide you, the delegates, with one of the greatest series of MUNs Pakistan has seen. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have joined hands with several international MUN partner conferences to bring to you the finest international MUN experience Pakistan has to offer.

With invigorating committee sessions and exciting social events, NIMUN ’16 will keep you on your toes every second. The competition will be fierce as we welcome seasoned MUN debaters from several countries to participate in NIMUN ’16. So be sure to bring your A-game!

The chance to interact with delegates from not only Pakistan but from across the globe will nurture the understanding of various cultures leading to a feeling of good-will, an opportunity that you will be provided at NIMUN ’16 making it a truly worthwhile experience.

The very spirit of NIMUN is about empowering the youth by introducing them to a range of global challenges designed to cultivate public speaking skills and foster an environment favourable for negotiation. This generation has had its share of genocide and bloodshed, it is aware of the responsibilities it faces and NIMUN aims to be a stepping stone for the future diplomats and politicians to make a change- for the better.

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An experience of a lifetime awaits You.
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