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Organizing Committee

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  • Executive Council
  • Directorate
  • President

           Sameen Nadeem                    +92-347-3170907
  • Secretary General

           Ahmad Tabassum Bhatti                    +92-324-4048800
  • Under Secretary General - Committee Affairs

           Fareah Faizi                    +92-334-7247439
  • Under Secretary General - Delegate Affairs

           Muhammad Hanzalah                    +92-334-0561946
  • Vice President - Operations

           Ibrahim Khan                    +92-323-5891189
  • Vice President - Resources

           Haris Malhi                    +92-335-5429691
  • Vice President - Media

           Attiq Ur Rehman                    +92-337-0639966
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About MUN

Model United Nations (abbreviation: Model UN, MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to instil a sense of diplomacy and dialogue among its participants, or delegates as they are referred to in the Model UN world. Model UN began as a series of student-led Model ‘League...

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The world today is at the precipice of complex environmental, political and social catastrophe and a need for effective resolutions has arisen. In keeping with the tradition of addressing the most important issues of today, the theme for NIMUN ’17 will emphasize “Together towards Tomorrow”, an initiative...

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